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. . . and the Crowd (wept)




Music and Libretto adaptation by Erick Flores

Libretto by Afsaneh Gray

Pia Furtado, director.

Adam Gatehouse, music director and conductor.



ONE: Sarah Minns (soprano)

TWO: Norah King (soprano)

THREE: Cathy Bell (contralto)

NARRATOR: David Hansford (Bass Baritone)



Ilse Ikze, Flute/Piccolo

Antoine Cambruzzi, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Rebecca Cass, Oboe/Cor Anglais

Guillermina Chivite, Violin I

Pere Sarrio, Violin II

Fréderique Legrand, Cello

Jess Ryan, Double Bass

Felicity Hindle, percussion

Charis Hanning, piano



Erick Flores, electronics



Premiered at the Tête à Tête Operal Festival

London, 2013





Based on Anna Starkey's libretto, Lifedream


English National Opera

Mini Opera Competition



Erick Flores, voice and electronics


. . . by the swinging pinky trees.

[for Chamber Choir]



BBC Singers





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